Freedom's View
A Commentary on Government from Atop the Capitol
"All the other alternative facts you need to know"
My name is Armed Freedom and I've lived on top of the U. S. Capitol's dome since 1863.

I'm not under construction:  don't need it.
I'm already considered by some to be a
Stone Cold Fox!

It's this website of mine that's

What you're going to find here are my
satirical, thought-provoking observations
about the goings on in our government
since January 20, 2017:
a date that will live forever
in tragi-comedy! 
I hope you'll check back real soon!

Freedom's View
A Commentary on Government from Atop the Capitol
"All the other alternative facts you need to know"
(Trump's Second Year)

1   A flight of fancy tries to get the Congress moving again.  Doctor House and the Senate Chaplain present their "remedies" for Congress' COPD (Chronically Obstructed Political Disorder).

2       We take a look at why the Dreamers are called "illegal" immigrants.  In related news, Elon Musk starts selling flamethrowers.  Reps and Dems compete to arm up.

3     Trump leads GOP in chorus of "Coal, Coal, Beautiful Coal!" at State of the Union.  We offer several better ones to sing.

4    Is a 1970's disco movie about to have a remake as Trump takes a page out of Tricky Dick Nixon's playbook?  Put your dancin' shoes on and find out here!

5   Two St. Valentine's Day Massacres.  When will we finally act to end the carnage?  This suggests one way forward.  Included is a link to a provocative Washington Post piece on the one thing every American can do to establish sane gun laws.

6   Okay, Trump, we get it:  you really are a genuine, red-blooded, macho-man "guy." You no longer have to work so hard to prove it to us.

7   How the students from Parkland High School and other youth who marched can keep hope alive.  Star Wars, Animal House, Jesus, Gandhi, and Bill Penzey show the way! 

8   Wall Street Market Analysts Warn of a "Black Swan Event."  Enter Cygnus trumpestus, stage left.  Why the Trump Projector shows awful, divisive movies.

9  Time to mount your trusty steed and go for a ride through part of the equine-obsessed Trump administra-tion.  Hold your noses:  there's  plenty of horse feathers here for all of us.

10    Trump's second year is deja vu all over again.  We decide not to repeat ourselves and, instead, offer you free tickets to a play! It's a comedy.  You'll like it.  And with the libretto, you can sing along!  Curtain's rising now!

11   With Trump's revocation of former CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance and the GOP's ongoing toading up to Trump, is the American Songbook in jeopardy?  Bet you didn't see that one coming!

12   Da da da da da da da da . . .
Batty Man!  Trump exhibits hereto-
fore unseen, very disturbing sides at press briefing.  Includes President's Rorschach inkblot results.

13    Time to honor those killed in Pittsburgh by writing an old story in new words.  Time to remember who we really are.  Time to kick all the tellers of dark, toxic stories out in the November 6 elections.

14    After Trump's more than 7,500 lies since his inauguration, we decide to print some of our own:  how the press will cover Trump in 2019; the new women's march; Mueller's "witch" hunt; and how Trump's wall ends the government shutdown.



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