Freedom's View
A Commentary on Government from Atop the Capitol
"All the other alternative facts you need to know"
My name is Armed Freedom and I've lived on top of the U. S. Capitol's dome since 1863.

I'm not under construction:  don't need it.
I'm already considered by some to be a
Stone Cold Fox!

It's this website of mine that's

What you're going to find here are my
satirical, thought-provoking observations
about the goings on in our government
since January 20, 2017:
a date that will live forever
in tragi-comedy! 
I hope you'll check back real soon!

Freedom's View
A Commentary on Government from Atop the Capitol
"All the other alternative facts you need to know"
(Trump's Fourth Year)

1.  Trump befouls the National Prayer
       Breakfast while GOP cheers him

2.    In a send-up of West Side Story, we look at the consequences of impeached Trump not being removed by the Senate's GOP.

3.  A send-up of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas sheds light on the White House and its most infamous occupant.  Also, a practical tool for coping with being cooped up in the pandemic.

4.  Since Trump is approximately as full of hot air as the Hindenberg, we offer this illuminating send-up of Jesus Christ, Superstar, replacing Trump for Jesus.  (Our sources tell us that POTUS is quite pleased with this substitution.) Then, as we explore whether there are still no atheists in foxholes, we take a few well-deserved swipes at the religious right, setting the stage for the next edition.

5.  This 28-page edition - our longest ever - we present spiritual resources to assist you in getting through the pandemic.  From the absurdly comedic to the Biblical (some would say that's sometimes redundant) our resources will speak to your needs for calm, for humor, and for thoughtful stimulation.

6.   Trump holds super-spreader event in Tulsa.  Demonstrates his skills at the wide dissemination of horse shit. Again.  Plus, Rev. Jerry Falwell, Jr. admonishes Trump critics.

7.   We take cynical Chris Cuomo to task.  A chastened President Trump sees the light and begins to support Hispanics and immigrants.  In a surprising turn, Ivanka sells new product.  Can it get any weirder?  (Probably.)

8.  Blazing Saddles pre-figured the rise of Trump and the GOP more than 45 years ago!  Instead of going brain dead watching the Republican National Convention, follow our brain-saving advice!